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14 May - 16 May
9am to 5pm

Chung Tian Temple
1034 Underwood Rd, Priestdale QLD 4127

Do & Learn

Vege Plan A

Front courtyard 

9:00am to 5:00pm

Fun fact: Over 2,000,000 Australians are taking up a plant-based diet.

Vege Plan A is a global initiative dedicated to promoting sustainability and encouraging individuals to make healthy life choices. As an action-oriented project, the letter “A” represents the word “action”. It encourages us to practice kindness to the environment, to all animals and to our health by making the switch to a plant-based diet.

Pop into our stall at the festival to participate in fun and educational activities that will explain Vege Plan A’s five big aims:

  • reach zero hunger
  • combat climate change
  • halt and reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss
  • sustainable consumption and production
  • ethical treatment of animals

Not sure how to cook meat-free dishes at home? We will also have free recipes available to show you how you can meet all of your nutritional needs, while also serving up dishes that are sure to impress your family and friends!

What you eat, how you eat, determines the future of the world.

Take action now!

Pledge to go plant-based

Vege Plan A
Vege Plan A