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Faith & Legacy

14 May - 16 May
9am to 5pm

Chung Tian Temple
1034 Underwood Rd, Priestdale QLD 4127

Do & Learn

Sutra Calligraphy

Pagoda - Sutra Calligraphy Hall

9:00am to 5:00pm

Buddhism advocates the cultivation of the mind. This can be practised in a variety of ways, including meditation, chanting or sutra calligraphy. The act of hand-copying scriptures is not only considered as a form of meditation but it also yields merit to the scriber, assists in purifying the mind through exercising concentration, deepens the writer’s understanding of the Buddhist teachings, and has become an art form in its own right known as calligraphy.

Heart Sutra

The Heart Sutra is one of the most widely recited sutras in Buddhism. Due to its short and concise nature, many Buddhists have memorised this text and chant it as part of their daily practice. This sutra is often referred to as the essence and heart of Buddhism as it describes the appreciation of emptiness, which leads to ultimate realisation. It strips away the suffering caused by the perceptions, thoughts and conceptual frameworks that we build for ourselves, thus allowing us to live without worries and with true joy.

‘Heart Sutra’ by Ven. Miao Guang

Sutra Transcription

Sutra Calligraphy at BBDF

We welcome you to experience the Buddhist practice of Sutra Transcription. May transcribing the Heart Sutra lead you on a journey of mindfulness to the purest centre of your heart, where you are reminded that, “every stroke comes to an end, every end marks a new beginning”.

Please note that you can transcribe the Heart Sutra in both Chinese or English.

Please collect the sutra and pen from the reception desk, and return them after the completion of the sutra transcription.